Custom profile extrusion molding is one of several methods of processing plastic that is Fukuvi’s core technological advantage. This method enables us to compound resins and other materials as they are extruded. We have been perfecting our mastery of this process since 1953. Our extrusion know-how is rated among the best in the world, and our customer service is second to none.

Fukuvi can give your product a competitive advantage with added-value features not found in other extrusion companies.


Fukuvi can extrude a wide-range of plastics, including:

  • Rigid-PVC
  • Soft-PVC
  • PP
  • E-ABS
  • Elastomer
  • other plastics


Extrusion Capabilities
Fukuvi has the technology for many types of extrusion molding, allowing us to successfully meet our customers’ needs with the perfect product. Our extrusion capabilities include:

Fukuvi can extrude a variety of materials, at unrivaled quality standards.