Privacy Policy

Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (henceforth “Fukuvi,” “we,” or “us”) understands that we have a responsibility to protect your Personal Information in our business operations. We treat this task with the utmost importance, and therefore have established the following provisions to protect your privacy.

1. Adherence to Laws and Regulations

  • Fukuvi strongly believes that it is our responsibility as a company to follow laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of Personal Information. We will abide by these legislations, as well as our internal company guidelines to protect your Privacy. All Fukuvi Group companies will comply with this policy.

2. Collection of Personal Information

  • All Personal Information collected by Fukuvi will be done so in an unbiased and lawful manner, and its use and purpose will be made transparent.

3. Use of Personal Information

  • Your Personal Information may be used by us, our subsidiaries, and our contractors (including those who have been recontracted) for the following purposes:
    • For delivery of requested documentation and written materials,
    • For replying to inquiries,
    • For delivery of ordered products,
    • For promotional purposes after receiving requests for documentation and additional information from interested parties,
    • For providing information about our products, events, and promotions via email distribution services, newsletters, and other similar means,
    • For tracking and analyzing customer usage and satisfaction with our products,
    • For providing customer support, maintenance, and other services.

4. Release of Information to Third Parties

  • We will not release your information to third parties except in the following circumstances:
    • With your prior consent,
    • As required by law,
    • Information that is used and shared by us and our subsidiaries within the scope of our Privacy Policy,
    • Information released to contractors with whom we have prior agreements regarding the use of Personal Information. The released information pertains only to the scope of the contracted work.

5. Management of Personal Information

  • Fukuvi will appoint persons to manage the collected Personal Information as prescribed by our company guidelines, as well as maintain an overseeing committee.
  • Fukuvi will strive to prevent information leaks, information loss, and malicious use in accordance with our company guidelines. The policies will be periodically reviewed to ensure compliance within the company. In addition, all Fukuvi employees will undergo training for correct usage of Personal Information.

6. Improving Measures to Protecting Personal Information

  • Fukuvi will regularly review all policies and guidelines regarding Personal Information protection, and reserves the right to change them as necessary.

7. Use of Cookies

  • This website uses cookies via Google Analytics to keep track of user activity. The collected data will be used to understand site traffic, improve user experience, and improve the quality of our services. The information will be statistically collected and made so that there are no individual identifying markers.