Handle for kitchen furniture

F-Handle –Handle for cupboards and kitchen furniture–

Fukuvi’s handles for cupboards and kitchen furniture.
The handles are convenient with its long-length holding area.
The high-grade, aluminum-look handles are available with affordable prices.
R-type S-type

Features & Benefits


  • Suitable for finished and knock-down furniture to minimize the weight.
  • Less than half the weight of the handles made of Aluminum.

Easy installation

  • Easy to cut with a tip saw.
  • Easy assemble to a board without preparing screw holes.
  • No end cap is required for material edges.


  • Smooth material edges don’t scratch your hands nor catch your clothes.

Japanese quality with affordable price

  • Our quality and productivity control enable us to manufacture high quality products.

Product Information

Product Name Specification Colors
F-HANDLE R-Type 2m/pcs (400g) Metallic Silver,White,Black
F-HANDLE S-Type 2m/pcs (370g) Metallic Silver,White,Black