Dust Guard Tape

Dust Guard Tape

Fukuvi produces Dust Guard Tape for cupboards and kitchen furniture. This tape can be used for a wide range of applications, such as preventing dust or bugs from entering cupboards or to reduce the noise of closing doors.

The tape is available in brown or white colors to match any furniture style.
Dust Guard Tape Single Packing Tape

Features & Benefits


  • Suitable for finished and knock-down furniture to minimize the weight.

Easy installation

  • Easy to cut with a saw.
  • Has double-sided tape for easy installation to doors.

Japanese quality with an affordable price

  • Our quality and productivity control enable us to manufacture high quality products.

Product Information

Product Name Specification Colors
Dust Guard Tape 2m/pcs (57g) Brown, White
Single Packing Tape 2m/pcs (47g) Brown, White


Dust Guard TapeSingle Packing Tape