CSR Highlights

CSR Initiative Highlights

Fukuvi Chemical continues to explore new ways to add value for its customers and community as a socially responsible company. This page contains some of the projects and products we are most proud of, which combine Fukuvi’s innovation and technology with designs which benefit our society and environment.


Refojule Incombustible Ceiling Panels were designed by Fukuvi in response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Sadly during the disaster, falling ceiling panels were a cause of injury and the loss of lives for many. Refojule panels are extremely light-weight, as well as being heat resistant. This design ensures that even if another disaster occurs, injuries and fatalities can be prevented. This product was awarded the 2015 Good Design Best 100 award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for its ability to provide safety in large-scale public buildings.

Aside from the safety benefits they provide, these light-weight panels can also be used for quick construction, as they are very easy to transport and install. The panels also come in various designs and can improve indoor air quality.


Fukuvi, while considering the Japanese climate, residents’ comfort, and energy conservation, created the Air Cycle System for homes in 1984. The system works by circulating an airstream through the floors, walls, and ceiling to regulate temperature and create a comfortable living environment. This airstream system can be used to enhance circulation in the summer and provide warming insulation during the winter.

Now, after 33 years of new knowledge and experience, we have redeveloped this building system with improved performance and quality. Using the talents of our experienced developers we have designed a new and enhanced home building method that utilizes the air-cycle system more effectively, enabling builders to construct more environmentally friendly homes that will use less energy for heating and cooling.


As the trend of global warming and climate change continues, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has become a world-wide challenge. The origin of greenhouse gas is largely tied to energy consumption, so energy conservation has become an important issue. Excess energy consumption by the manufacturing industry is a large problem, but the energy consumed in our daily lives is also a big contributor that can be addressed and prevented. One of these contributing factors is the escape of heat through the windows in our homes. With this in mind we created the Free Stop Screen Legeria. Through simple installation over existing windows it uses shade, ventilation, and insulation to help reduce heat emissions which affect climate change. As a company which deals with largely with home construction, Fukuvi Chemical continues to provide innovative new ideas towards conserving energy in our homes.


Fukuvi is working together with local forestry cooperatives to manage the Fukui Wood Biomass Center. Here we put the scrap wood leftover from forest thinning to practical use. We combine the unneeded wood scraps with recycled plastic in order to create a man-made lumbar called “Plus-Wood”. This recycled wood-substitute can be used to create products such as decks and louvers, while saving new trees from being cut down. Woodchips leftover from the Fukui Wood Biomass Center are also used as fuel for local hot spring hotels to heat their baths.

A plastics-manufacturing company, a forestry cooperative, and hotel owners all operate in completely different industries, but through this collaborative initiative we are trying something new together while thinking about our local area and the environment. This kind of overlapping collaboration between industries is vital in this day and age as we work to protect the environment and fight deforestation. It serves as a platform to connect industries while fulfilling their duties to social responsibility. The Fukui Wood Biomass Center was awarded the 2016 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for its collaborative efforts between three industries as a unique and environmentally-friendly initiative.