Fukuvi History

History of Fukuvi

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2018 Sep Acquired Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. in Okayama, and their phenolic foam board technology
2018 Apr Transformed Refojoule Co., Ltd. into a new sales division at Fukuvi
2016 Nov Acquired Alice Chemical Co., Ltd. in Awara City, and their FRP forming techniques
2016 Sep Gifu Processing Center established in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture
2016 Jul Established Fukuvi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Jun Established the Fukuvi Representative Office in Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Apr Established Fukuvi Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
2014 Nov Eliminated capital alliance with Thai Fukuvi Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Apr Established Fukuvi Vietnam Co., Ltd. jointly with Nagase & Co., Ltd.
2013 Mar Completed Awara Biomass Factory in Awara-city, Fukui, by cooperating with Sakai Forestry coop.
2011 Dec Expanded the production facilities for FukuForm Eco by adding own production lines
2011 Aug Acquired AirCycle Home System Co., Ltd.
2010 Apr Released FukuForm Eco, next generation isulator with environment-friendliness, to the market
2010 Apr Merzen Co., Ltd. merged with Refojoule Co., Ltd.

2008 Apr Business succession of WPC Materials, wood powder-infused resin, from Nagase & Co., Ltd.
2007 Apr Opened East Kanto Sales Office, promoted branch in Okayama to Okayama Sales Office
2005 Mar Provided construction material (biodegradable plastic) for the Japanese government pavilion at Expo 2005 Aichi
2003 May Company’s 50th anniversary
2002 Oct Acquired OHSAS 18001 certification

1999 June Earned ISO 14001 certification, the first in the plastic extrusion and molding industry in Japan
1997 Aug Earned ISO 9001 certification for extruded plastic products, the first in the plastic extrusion and molding industry in Japan
1997 May Completed construction of our new head office building (3 stories, 3,298 m2)
1997 Mar Listed stock on 2nd section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and 2nd section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. With the listing, 1 million new shares were issued for a capital allocation of 860 million yen
1996 June Established Fukuvi USA, Inc. (in Ohio) jointly with Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc., Nippon Trading Co., Ltd. and Nagase & Co., Ltd.
1993 Feb Moved the Tokyo Branch to a new building at 1-23-3 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1992 Oct Absorbed Fukuvi Mikata Industrial Co., Ltd.
1991 Nov Formed Fukuvi Housing Co., Ltd. jointly with Itochu Kenzai Corporation and Hokushu Co., Ltd.
1990 June Established Tsukuba Technology Development Center at 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture

1988 Sep Established Thai Fukuvi Co., Ltd. through merger with Nippon Trading Co., Ltd., MSC Co., Ltd., Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc., and  Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
1987 Jan Formed Refojoule Co., Ltd. jointly with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
1985 Jul Formed Merzen Co., Ltd. jointly with Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, Inc.
1985 Mar Exported extrusion equipment to Chungking Plastics Factory No. 12 of the People’s Republic of China
1984 Apr Formed AirCycle Home System Co., Ltd. jointly with Itochu Kenzai Corporation
1983 Apr Established our Sakai Factory at 1-1 Sadamune, Sakai-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture
1982 Sep Began manufacture and sales of long flooring material Benfalter
1982 Jul Established multi-stage expansion technology for long flooring material and started Haiyu Dream Floor manufacturing and sales
1982 Apr Launched window sash section
1981 Dec Signed export agreement for expanded vinyl contour extrusion technology with Korean firm
1981 June Formed technology-sharing partnership with American company Gossen Corp. Construction Minister certifies factory as a facility that manufactures high-grade insulating material (vinyl chloride sashes with double-glazed glass)

1979 Dec Tokyo Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office, and Nagoya Sales Office become branches and 11 subbranches are elevated to Sales Offices
1978 June Started manufacturing and sales of long flooring “Universal 8 Floor (heavy duty)”
1977 June Built Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) factory ; manufacturing and sales begin
1977 Apr Achieved JIS Mark display factory certification (synthetic resin wire covering material)
1974 Dec Set up technology exchange for folding doors with the American company Panel Ford Inc.
1974 Sep Started domestic production of long flooring material Fukuviryume
1973 Oct Annual sales reach 10 billion yen
1972 May Started import of long flooring material from the American company Congoryume, and sold under the product name Fukuviryume
1971 Feb Signed agreement to export extrustion equiptment to Nan Ya Plastics Corp. in Taiwan
1971 Jan Started the manufacture and sale of Free Floor (floor base sheet)
1970 June Moved soft tile production facilities to Fukuvi Mikata Industrial Co., Ltd.
1970 Jan Changed company name to Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

1963 Oct Completed construction of our head office at 33-66 Sanjuhassha-cho, Fukui City
1963 Mar Established technology exchange with Schoeck Ltd. of West Germany for plastic wrenches/FOREX
1963 May Moved head office to 33-66 Sanjuhassha-cho, Fukui City
1962 Mar Built Ichibu Factory at 33-66 Sanjuhassha-cho, Fukui City to extend manufacturing of extruded products
1960 Mar Built Osaka Factory at 2-8-25 Nonaka-Minami, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and started manufacturing

1959 Sep Capital partnership with Mitsui Toatsu Inc. and Nippon Trading Co., Ltd.
1958 June Reached blind slat production of approximately 300 thousand meters a month
1958 Apr Exhibited the company for the first time at the 3rd Osaka International Trade Fair
1955 Jan Company succeeded in manufacturing products for various vinyl chloride construction materials and started mass production of vinyl joiners and rails
1954 Mar Company succeeded in manufacturing transparent vinyl chloride pipes and started the sales. The factory was expanded and more machinery is brought in
1953 Sep Started the manufacture and sale of vinyl flooring “Viflo” with Nichimen Co., Ltd. as the general agent
1953 May Established Fukui Vinyl Industries Co., Ltd. in Kida-cho, Fukui City, and started the manufacture and sale of products for vinyl chloride building materials