Company Profile

Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest plastic extrusion manufacturer of construction and industrial products in Japan. Headquarted in Fukui City, Fukuvi has sales branches and factories located throughout the country, as well as overseas. Fukuvi has been producing extrusion molding products since 1953, providing us with years of experience which have allowed us to perfect the extrusion process.

Fukuvi-branded products have become a must-have for builders across the nation. Fukuvi-branded products make home construction simple and smooth for builders, while also providing improved insulation and comfort for residents.

Fukuvi also serves as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), providing high-quality extrusions and innovative design solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Fukuvi has superior technology for extrusion molding, with the capability for multiple types of extrusion with a wide-variety of materials. Fukuvi is pushing the bar on extrusion technology, consistently developing new extrusion methods as well as ways to work with new materials.

Innovative, environmentally-friendly initiatives such as our Wood Plastic Composite products highlight Fukuvi’s dedication to improved home construction, advancing technology, and corporate social responsibility.