Inspection Access Panel Frame

Inspection access panel frame for ceilings and walls

Frames for inspection panels in homes. Our plastic-made frames are light-weight, and unlike metal frames, they won’t rust. The frames can be easily installed, and the quick-opening lids give fast access inside walls and ceilings.


  • The frame can be installed in walls and ceilings
  • Screw heads are concealed in the frame
  • Slim profile gives walls an aesthetic finish


Inspection Opening Frame T

天井・壁兼用点検口枠 画像の説明

※Ask us about available frame sizes.


点検口枠T 製品図1_0.jpg

点検口枠T 施工図_3.jpg

Inspection Opening Frame N15

※Ask us about available frame sizes.


壁用点検口枠N15 製品図.jpg壁用点検口枠N15 参考納まり図.jpg